ae0001 New Construct Committee, Survey01, AE sampler01. LIMITED EDITION

Image of ae0001 New Construct Committee, Survey01, AE sampler01.  LIMITED EDITION


The debut release from the Audio Electric label.

A full length compilation of analogue abstract experimental electronics
from a survey of the solo and combined projects of Audio Electric artists.

The works contained form new constructs ranging from the premeditated beat oriented sounds of H.A.L.O. Vessel, Voyeur, Cookieheadz and Enamored Gazes to the aggressively experimental improvised architecture of Audionaut, Microsapien, Living Stereo, Ovrwrk@Krblnka and Manufactura'. These works warp the lines between noise and music, between freeform improvisation and structured composition. No computers were used/harmed in these recordings (w/the exception of Voyeur)

...Sound is Music is Sound...

Hand Drawn Packaging based on a series of blind drawings/nature studies/habitats/observations in traveling.
Signed by the artist and label owner Omar Angulo
Hand Tagged CDR and Packaging in Clear Hand Tagged Sleeve


01 H.A.L.O. Vessel
Safety through the use of relays - 09:21
02 Manufactura’
The clouds over Hammocks Blvd
(That mans machine) w / Jason Proper -10:03
03 Audionaut
All play and no work...- 03:48
04 Microsapien
PNOpiate - 03:17
05 Voyeur
Intravenous hiatus - 03:00
06 Living Stereo
Sometime 40's - 02:44
07 Enamored Gazes
Samba in June - 04:22
08 Cookieheadz Vs H.A.L.O. Vessel
Poltergestion - 07:04
09 Ovrwrkt@Krblnka
Haftabsundays - 08:17

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